Wildlife Warden Podcast – S2 Ep6

Moths and Butterflies

Season 2, Episode 6 of the Devon Wildlife Warden Podcast – Click here to listen. 

This episode brings you:

  • An interview about moths and butterflies with Barry Henwood, who is the Devon moth recorder. Emily and Barry talk about a moth evening that Barry ran for Wildlife Wardens, why butterflies and moths are important, how Barry became interested in moths and butterflies, what being the Devon moth recorder involves, species trends in the UK, threats to moths and butterflies and what can be done to help them.
  • An update on Wildlife Warden projects.
  • Things that you can do to help wildlife, and how to get closer to nature. This includes the Big Butterfly Count, taking part in DWT events, taking part in Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust events, wildlife gardening ideas and signing a petition to stop nuclear waste services from blasting sound from air guns into the Irish Sea.
  • Emily’s plant and bird of the month.

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