Wildlife Warden Podcast – S2 Ep3

The Devon Wildlands Initiative

Season 2, Episode 3 of the Devon Wildlife Warden Podcast – Click here to listen, or here to read.

This episode brings you: 

  • The importance of habitat connectivity, and how the Devon Wildlands initiative is achieving this along the Haldon Ridge through rewilding and traditional land management practices.
  • ACT’s 4Fs group (food, farming, forestry and fisheries) organised a visit to Embercombe (one of the Devon Wildland initiative’s core sites), and Emily has included several recordings of interesting conversations that happened during the visit. Topics include wildlife bridges, beavers, how to talk to landowners and monitoring wildlife.
  • Information about several initiatives and upcoming events that are being organised by other organisations.
  • Update on Wildlife Warden activities.

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