Wildlife Warden Podcast – S2 E8

The Eco Church Scheme

Season 2, Episode 8 of the Devon Wildlife Warden Podcast – Click here to listen, or here to read.

This episode brings you:

  • Information about why churchyards are important for wildlife, and how habitats in churchyards can be improved for wildlife under the Eco Church Scheme.
  • A chat with St Mary’s Church (Abbotskerswell) vicar, Michael Wilkie, about the Eco Church Scheme and how the churchyard is being managed for wildlife.
  • An update on Wildlife Warden projects.
  • Emily’s bird and plant of the month.
  • Ideas on what you can do to help wildlife. This includes signing a petition calling for the government to not remove the Habitats Regulations, wildlife gardening ideas, using ACT’s carbon footprint tracker, and volunteering with ELM Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

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