Wildlife Warden Areas Map

The map below shows Wildlife Warden areas. These are Teignbridge Parishes with the exception of Newton Abbot, which is divided into its 4 wards.

How to navigate the map

  • As you move the pointer over the parishes in the map above the parish is selected and:
    • its name and number of wardens are shown below the map.
    • If the area has any projects recorded against it a table with location, responsible group (if any) and a brief description is shown beneath the map.
    • The grid reference of the pointer and area code for the parish are shown over the bottom left corner of the map.
  • If you click or tap on one of the parishes the map will zoom to show the parish.
  • The outline button shows the map of Teignbridge.
  • The drop down list by Zoom to allows you to select a parish and when you select one will zoom the map to the parish.
  • The legend button reveals the legend, which show how features are styled according to their attributes.

What else should be on the map?

This map is still under development and could show other layers, particularly when zoomed in to a parish. It could also provide facilities for notifying wardens of issues.