Setting up ACT Email

If you have been given an ACT email address, this page gives some details of how to set it up with various common email clients.

You will have been sent an email which gives your new email address and a password.

As an alternative you can also access ACT Email via webmail, this can be simpler than setting up in some email clients.

Adding an ACT email account

The first thing you will have to do is add an email account to your email client. This is quite straightforward with more advanced email clients, but seems to be more complicated with simpler more standard ones.

For most email clients you need to specify the following settings when adding an account:

  • Username:
  • Password: Use the email account’s password.
  • Incoming Server:
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995
  • Outgoing Server:
  • SMTP Port: 465

Setting up specific email clients

We are gaining experience of setting up email using a number of clients.

Specific help has been written for the following clients:

The following table contains brief recommendations for other clients.

Email ClientNotes
Outlook (from Office)Use POP or IMAP under advanced settings
Port 465 does not work for SMTP, use 587
Outlook/Mail (free with Windows)See instructions for Mail for Windows 10
Gmail (PC version)Does not work as it only allows setting up gmail accounts
Gmail (Android)Use Other route and then select IMAP to synchronise with server.
ThunderbirdUse manual setup. Main issue is that automated setup from email address sets server to, when it should be
ipad, iphoneWe have not yet had success with this, though it looks like it should work. I have found this article, which contains some instructions. I don’t know that these work.

Your Email Signature

Your email should have an email signature which looks like:

Your Name, ACTion on Climate in Teignbridge
ACTion on Climate in Teignbridge is a CIC, registered in England, with registration number 12278894. Its registered address is Wessenden, Thornley Drive, Teignmouth TQ14 9JH.
ACT supports Teignbridge District Council, and town and parish councils, community groups and residents to make the district carbon neutral, sustainable, resilient and healthy.

To set this up

Note that there are separate instructions for some email clients that do not support html signatures, such as Windows Mail.

If your email client does support email signatures, you will need to download these 2 files to your machine:

You can either download:

  • Html Signature (linked logo)
  • Html Signature (saved logo) and ACT Logo


If you choose to use this one you should download the file and edit it with an editor such as notepad. Find the text ‘Your Name’ and change it to your actual name, then save the file. Take care when you save the file that it is saved with a .html suffix, as opposed to .html.txt

When you have saved the file, make a note of where it has been saved, and change the signature for you ACT account in your email client to use html, and use the file you just saved.


With this option the logo is saved somewhere on your machine, this means that the logo is sent with the email, rather than downloaded separately when the recipient opens the email. This can avoid problems for some recipients.

First download the ACT Logo and note where you saved it on your machine.

Then download Html Signature (saved logo) and note where you saved it.

Edit the ACTSignature_saved.html file, this time as well as changing ‘Your name’ to your actual name, you need to change the bold bit of


to the location were you saved ACTlogo.png

Then saved the signature as an html file, and add it to your ACT email account as an html signature, as described in the previous section.