Training documents

  • County Wildlife Site Surveying

Introductory training handout

A useful document to refer to for ideas and advice on various areas.

Identifying and recording wildlife

Recording wildlife is very important for research and decision making at national and local levels. Find out how you can get involved.

Biological recording for Wildlife Wardens

A talk by Jess Smallcombe from the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre on how Wildlife Wardens can record wildlife locally.

Making a pond

One of the best possible projects for wildlife is to dig a pond in your garden or public space. Here is how!

Hedge Projects

Planting and improving hedges give better habitats, better habitat connections, and better carbon ‘banks’.

Orchard Projects

Orchards have an enormous value to wildlife. Devon was once famous for its beautiful orchards – these projects could make Teignbridge orchards famous again!

Habitat Connections

Connecting wildlife habitats to give our wildlife a better chance of survival.

Managing a seed nursery

Growing trees and wildflowers from seed is a fun and rewarding activity. Click here for a step-by-step guide.