Wildlife Warden Podcast – Ep 2

Churchyards bees and bugs

Episode 2 of the Devon Wildlife Warden Podcast – Click here to listen, or here to read.

This episode brings you: 

  • Details of a new national grassroots campaign map which you may wish to use or look at.
  • The value of churchyards for conservation efforts.
  • A summary of what our local wildlife wardens have been up to.
  • Information about Wolborough Fen.
  • Information about bees, including an interview with local beekeeper, Gary and a closer look at our most endangered bee, the 6 banded nomad bee.
  • Details of the Westcountry CSI Project. 
  • What you can do to support dwindling populations of house martins.
  • Information about Buglife’s new campaign – “No insect-inction”.

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